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A busy and productive summer…

There has been yard work, landscaping, remodeling, misadventures…..and knitting!

I think I have the hang or this….sort of.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m unlikely at best to be casting on a sweater any time soon, and my attempts at socks were ripped no less than six times, and incidentally, have yet to magically turn into a pair of socks, but I am starting to get this!

I have knit a hat in the round and finished a book mark. Nothing earth shattering, fabulous, or perfect, but each thing does resemble what it was supposed to!


Walking the Dogs

I am a sucker. I don’t deny this statement. I’ll even offer proof.

On Tuesday, I was the proud “mommy” to no less than 4 dogs. Not just any dogs, mind you, we have some big ones. They sleep on the bed with us. We love them.

On Wednesday, after hearing about a hard luck case, I became the proud “mommy” to dog #5. After all, when you already have a few, what’s one more?

The new kid, a 6 year old German Shepherd named Sam, came to us when his old family said they were going to put him down. They indicated he was dog aggressive, high energy, and they were worried about the baby. Sam isn’t as spry as he once was, but he is still a tough guy and likes to pick fights with the 2 year old Shepherd, Jax. Needless to say, the routine around here is changing to discourage them from actually killing each other.

One of the changes is new daily walks. Normally, we just unleash the heathens and let them run amok in the dog yard. Its like running a prison yard somedays and not without its challenges.

I have to say, I wonder why I haven’t done this sooner. There is nothing quite as wonderful as the extra “me” time created when you leash up a dog or two and just head out. There are no ringing phones, no reminders that the dishes need done, no worries. The mind wanders. Its a wonderful thing.

As we went along, I started thinking about how many miles we might log by the end of the summer. We did three miles on Wednesday and Friday, then four more on Saturday. They will add up fast. This got me thinking…..

How long would it take me to knit a mile of yarn? Could I do it in a year?

I quickly did the math in my head. 3 skeins of Lion Brand Wool-Ease in the Dudester Scarf = 591 yards. Two skeins of the cotton for my dish clothes so far = 300 more. I’m into the new hat so far about 150 yards. Hmm….maybe I should set the goal a little higher!

Anyone else keep track?

I need more hands….

I found myself lacking a WIP. Some how, there was nothing on the needles, nothing being hooked. This is a rare thing for me. There are usually several projects in progress around here.

So in the interests of learning a new skill or three, I figured a hat was in order.

Yes, I know I said I was on a dishcloth rampage, but sometimes, a girl just needs a pretty hat. In the spring. When it is finally warm enough to go without them. This logic makes perfect sense, I know!

And so, I cast on 100 stitches evenly over 4 DPNs with Caron Simply Soft. Yes, its cheap yarn, but I still can’t bring myself to splurge on the good stuff.

So here we go….the pattern indicates to knit in the round until my hat reaches a certain length. Somehow, I must accomplish this without losing an eye, sitting on a needle, dropping stitches, or going insane. One more hand would be nice, but for right now, I will remain thankful that the only size 7 DPNs in the bag of tricks are bamboo. Their grabby nature has been incredibly helpful in that there have actually only been a handful of dropped stitches.

New skills learned this go around:

Knitting in the round and handling DPNs.

Skills I will pick up before I am done:

Decreasing stitches.

Sounds like a good project to me!

And besides…..I need another hat


More learning to be done…

I am discovering the instant gratification that is a dishcloth. I knit three in the beginning to learn tension, and found them tedious and uninteresting. Oh how things change when there are interesting patterns to try and new skills to learn!

After deciding that I do indeed love their portable, quick, educational, and gratifying nature, I scooted on over to the magic land of ravelry to que up a few enticing patterns.

Today, dish clothes, tomorrow the world!

Finally a FO!!

I am always amazed when I browse through my favorite knitting blogs at the sheer volume of their FOs. There are bloggers that knit a hat a week, a pair of socks a month, or a new sweater every time I check in.

And then there is me…two whole months after I cast on, I have finally finished the Dudester Scarf! I imagine that had I not frogged every mistake I caught, I would have easily knit three of these, but alas there is only one – and only one mistake!!

I have to say I love how it looks – all warm and masculine. The yarn (Lion Brand) is slightly scratchy, but I had serious heart ache about spending too much money on yarn in case it sucked…..

This was a great beginning project. It involved reading my first (very simple) pattern, some k1/p1 action, and I learned to slip the first stitch purlwise. Slipping that stitch provided a nice, neat edge, that I have to say looks pretty polished!

The Dudester Scarf

So, without further ado, I present you with my Dudester!!!

Crazy little thing called love…..or ravelry

I think I have a ravelry problem. It is getting in the way of actual kitting. How can it not? Thousands of patterns, thousands more pictures, groups, swaps and stashes!

Not that I don’t love you, Dudester scarf, because I truly do, but lately, I love my ravelry account just a little more!

As evidence of my unreasonable fondness, I share with you the number of projects in my que……120. Not too bad for someone without any actual finished objects!

A WIP!!!

And so here it is, my WIP, The Dudester! Progress is slow, but I will persevere! I LOVE this pattern…..and look, it’s a real knitted-thing!!

 photo 2013-01-30_21-17-04_521.jpg


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